King’s Road Brewing Company is owned and operated by five long-time Haddonfield, NJ residents, who have taken their deep knowledge of and intense passion for craft beer to the next level.

The name, King’s Road, refers to the brewery’s address on King’s Highway. The King’s Road, or King’s Highway, was built in 1681 by the Colonial Assembly. In New Jersey, the highway ran from Burlington City,  through Haddonfield, and continued on to Salem.

The historic building in which the brewery is located was built in 1777 and originally served as the town’s tavern. It was known as Gibbs Tavern, and was one of several taverns that dotted the local landscape during the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the other taverns at this time included the historic Indian King Tavern and Blazing Rag.

The Indian King Tavern is just a few yards from King’s Road Brewing Company along Kings Highway. It is now a museum and historic landmark, but once served as a colonial American tavern, which was the site of a 1777 meeting of the New Jersey General Assembly that officially ratified the Declaration of Independence.

Blazing Rag was a tavern positioned just across Haddonfield’s eastern border in 1873. It was located where Kresson Road meets Haddonfield-Berlin Road (originally called Haddonfield-Long-a-Coming Road) in the tiny hamlet then known as Batesville.

Blazing Rag is now the name of one of our most popular IPA’s, and King’s Road Brewing Company is a destination for beer drinkers and craft beer connoisseurs from all across the region.