At King’s Road Brewing Company, we take great pride in crafting something from scratch and then bringing it to table. We spend our days making and selling the kind of beer that we enjoy drinking ourselves. We care deeply about what goes into our beer, how it is made, and the pleasure it brings to our friends and patrons.

Nothing beats that fresh taste of draft beer straight from the source. We take the time to tweak and refine our beer to make sure the flavor meets our standards. It is this care and attention to detail that keeps our customers coming back time and time again.


The beers listed below can be found on tap year-round. These are our most popular beers!

Ample Vengeance – A New England-style IPA that is purposely hazy, with a creamy mouthfeel, little to no hop bitterness, and a juicy sweetness.

Blazing Rag – A West Coast IPA, with hop forward taste and citrusy notes.

The King’s Gold – A lager-like blonde ale with low hop rate, medium body with light malty sweetness. Originally intended as a way of transitioning mass market consumers to craft beers.

Persistent One  – A very well-balanced pale ale, dry hopped with Citra and Glacier hops.

Root Beer – House-made, non-alcoholic alternative.


The beers listed below are also some of our most popular beers. They are regulars in the taproom and can be found on draft more often than not.

Black Musket Stout – Full-bodied Stout, with a rich, soft creaminess, and hint of nuttiness.

Hadrosaur Hop Giant – Double IPA with a smooth blend of pine and citrus aroma and flavor.

Potter Street Porter – Roasted dryness with caramel overtones, plus a crisp dry finish, making it easy to drink more than one.

Revolutionary Red – Traditional red ale, with a malty flavor and a subtle fruitiness. This beer is a good introduction to red ales without the hop dominance of the Pale Ales and IPAs.


The beers listed below are subject to availability, while other new beers will be added regularly. Check back often to see what our brewers have crafted.

Black Musket Stout on NITRO – Same great Black Musket flavor, but with a creamier texture and more evenly distributed flavors.

Longfellow’s Wayside Wheat – A light, delicate American wheat beer, with Czech Saaz and Hallertau Blanc hops.

Off Kilter Scotch Ale – Fuller-bodied, with a malty, roasted caramel flavor

Pineample Vengeance – We take our favorite hazy IPA, Ample Vengeance, and add just the right amount of pineapple juice. Ahhhh, refreshing!

Saxbys Coffee Saison –  Belgian-style farmhouse ale cold steeped with Saxbys Signature Roast providing a big coffee aroma and taste.

Serendipity Saison – Slightly floral, dry and refreshing Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale with a citrusy and spicy aroma.

Summer Pleasure – A hazy, orange-hued American Wheat Beer with a refreshing hint of apricot.