Kings Road (Haddonfield)




King’s Gold Lager – American 5.3% ABV 18 IBU
This thirst-quenching golden lager has a low hop rate, medium body, a light malty sweetness, and a crisp finish. This beer is light golden in color, crystal clear with a medium white head. The aroma is honey-like with a sweet biscuity quality. Originally intended as a way of transitioning mass market consumers to craft beers.

Being Earnest Red Ale – Irish  5.3% ABV 35 IBU
This red ale is more about the malt content. Hops, and even a discernible bitterness, may be present to some degree, but more than that you’ll get notes of toast, caramel, buttery toffee, and some malty sweetness, with a nice dry finish.

Rhopsody in Green IPA 6% ABV 25 IBU
This New England IPA is classically dank with the addition of Columbus, Chinook and Cascade in the whirlpool. It is rounded out with an orchestration of Amarillo, Citra and Chinook in the dry hop, producing notes of lemon zest, pine, and sweet mandarin oranges. This beer is medium bodied, balanced, and music to your taste buds.

Root Beer
Early root beers were born out of the small beer tradition. Ours is made with the same care and attention as our craft beers. Enjoy this delicious, sweet, non-alcoholic alternative.

Cream soda
Step back in time with this old fashioned cream soda. It’s great fun to taste a soda like those our great-great grandparents enjoyed in their youth. Besides being unique, this vintage style soda is delicious and very refreshing to drink.

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Single 32 oz Crowler – Kiing's Gold Lager, Single 32 oz Crowler – Rhopsody in Green, Single 32 oz Crowler – Being Earnest Irish Red, Mix & Match 3 Pack 32 oz Crowlers, Six Pack 12 oz Cans Peace of Mind, Single 32 oz Crowler – Root Beer, Single 32 oz Crowler – Cream Soda